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Welcome to the IPP risk profiler

The IIP risk profiler is an online application that helps you manage your clients and their financial planning needs. This is an inbuilt web based system, which means that you do not need to install any special software to access it. Each time you register a client on to the IIP system, you will have the choice of automatically sending an invitation for them to complete an individual risk profile.

The benefits to you and your client are many:

  • Retaining on file a history of tracking your clients risk profile will assist you in your compliance requirement and
  • The IIP risk profile questionnaire will enable you to assess the client’s attitude to risk and allow you to make suitable investment recommendations, also taking capacity for risk into account.
  • We will invite your client to update their risk profile on pre-defined anniversaries giving you, the adviser an opportunity to discuss your clients current investments and potentially look to rebalance them depending on the result.
  • The risk profile planning tools will enable you to create a risk profile for a client in two simple steps.
  • This process helps to build a deeper insight into the client’s requirements and checks the extent of their understanding. As a result of the answers given and the conversations they trigger, both adviser and client should be confident that the final outcome is an accurate and fair reflection of the customer’s risk tolerance and capacity to tolerate possible losses.

Step 1: Complete the psychometric risk profiling questionnaire.

Our questionnaire was developed with industry-leading psychometric consultancy, Oxford Risk, a company led by academics from the University of Oxford

Step 2: The selected risk profile gives a score out of 10

A Plain English explanation of how comfortable a customer in that profile would be with the possibility of losing investments and investing in higher-risk investments to get better returns, a likely portfolio asset allocation and an indication of the expected range of returns.​

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