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Welcome to International Investment Platform
Welcome to the International Investment Platform

Welcome to the International Investment Platform

  • Providing open architecture global access to investments for the professional financial adviser.

  • The International Investment Platform (IIP) gives complete overview of the advisers business, what it has invested in and how it is performing.

  • Built in electronic signature systems helping speed up business processing time.

  • Saving you, your client and your company money.

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Welcome to the
International Investment Platform

The investment platform for professional financial advisers worldwide

International Investment Platform simplifies the process of investing and with online access, powerful consolidation tools and back office integration, advisers can now spend far less time on administration and more time servicing the needs of their clients or attracting new ones.

  • Access to the full range of pension, life and tax planning wrappers.
  • Portfolios can be constructed and managed in one place using the extensive fund range and web based portfolio analysis and construction tools provided on the International Investment Platform website
  • One application form, one payment, one client statement
  • A simplified process resulting in reduced administration for the adviser and better service proposition for the investor
  • Optional online access for investors to view their portfolios.

Learn How to Use

Access our video tuition library to quickly understand every element of the investment platform website. Our video library contains the follow tuitions:

  • How to create a bespoke investment portfolio
  • How to place a dealing instruction
  • How to assign a charging structure to your dealing instruction
  • How to place a sell instruction
  • How to download client account reports
  • How to complete a risk profile

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